Fire Sprinkler Specialists Lic#874589

Fire Pump Testing and Maintenance.

Maintaining your Fire Pump as required by the NFPA Standard is the single most important measure you can take to help keep your pump reliable, ensuring long, trouble-free life, helping you avoid costly repairs and most importantly protecting your investment, your team.

Holland Fire provides all services required to ensure NFPA compliance and firepump operation in the event there is an emergency demand.

  • Annual Pump Performance Test
  • Annual Diesel Maintenance
  • Monthly Inspection
  • Weekly Inspection
  • Consultation/troubleshooting/repairs

Our team is specialized in servicing your firepump needs. We provide consultation for the type “L” ceritification, we are OSHA/AFSA certified, we have performed appx. 500 Annual Pump Tests/supported UL certified diesel mechanic for over 250 Annual Diesel Maintenances. Repaired/replaced an array of components: impellars, electric motors, bearings, breakers, valves, solenoids, relays, ECMs etc.

Mission Statement:
To take the extra step, for the sake of being thorough, an identify the specific part that is causing
the component to fail and replacing said part and not the entire component.